Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight Jewelry

For all the Twilight fans that want cute Twilight inspired jewelry that doesn't have characters on it check out this Etsy shop

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Floating Lilies

Last one of the Wyldeivy summer collection.
Floating Lilies

Floating Lilies is a floral. I'm not a big fan of florals so this one did not thrill me. Someone who likes florals may really like it.

For me I'm going to rate it

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Friday, June 25, 2010


If I could wear hats I'd wear these


Late post today for me.

Today I tested Raindancer from Wyldeivy.

Raindancer is a light floral with some a light musk to it.

I think if I smelled this on someone else I'd think it was nice. Something about it just doesn't click for me, even though it should.

I'm going to rate this one

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Modern Zen

Good morning!

Today's scent is Modern Zen, from Wyldeivy.

Modern Zen is very zen inducing...with a green start and notes of spicy Ginger and orange to finish.

I like this scent. The Ginger and orange are really nice together, reminds me of the orange spice tea.

I'm going to rate this one

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreaming of Violets

Good morning!

So yesterday I read the Twilight series novella to Eclipse, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Now I'm so excited to see Eclipse next week. Expecting good things and I can't wait to see who they cast as Bree and if they worked the novella into the story line.

Now on to the review of Dreaming of Violets, from Wyldeivy. This one was difficult. When you see a name like Dreaming of Violets you would expect a floral, this is not a floral. I smell fruit, light musk, and sweet.

This reminds me of a perfume I wore in my 20's called Design. I remember loving this perfume, and you would get a porcelain figurine with a purchase of it.

I really like this scent, it brings back memories of really fun times. I'm going to rate this for the great blend and nostalgia factor!!

Only three more samples to go, then I'll take a break, maybe retest a few scents and see what Meredith Tucker of Sweet Anthem has in store for us for the summer.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shout Out and Sparkling Clementine

Hi there readers!! and I think I can say readers, I think I have at least a few now, yippie!!

Today I want to thank my bestest friend Kelly for an early birthday present, a fabulous four pack of perfumes from Wyldeivy. She got me Azure, Bronzed, Sweet Cairo, and PomAcai.

Now on to the review of Sparkling Clementine. Sparkling Clementine is just as the name says, juicy Clementine citrus with a zip of sugar and fizz.

I know I said before that it may be the season, but the fruity scents are great. I could see this one being great during the holidays, too though.

Going to rate this one

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Monday, June 21, 2010


Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great Sunday and Fathers Day. We spent our day hanging a door on our porch in the heat and humidity. I think my husband wasn't thrilled with his fathers day labor.

Today I tried Umber, from Wyldeivy. Umber is the second unisex scent from the summer collection.

So for me, Umber is a bit too spicy and masculine, with notes of spice and wood.

I want to run to my pantry and start smelling spices to figure out which spice I am smelling, before I break down and look it up in the perfume description. My guess would be clove and cardamom.

I'm going to rate this one just for the intetesting spice.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet Haze

Another late post, was up and out early to work today.

The scent of the day, today is Sweet Haze, from Wyldeivy.

This one is another sweet summer scent like Bronzed. The notes I got, were orange blossom, sugar or something sweet, and a sheer or light musk.

Really like this one. I even reapplied before going out to dinner.

Going to rate this

I'm going to rewear Bronzed at some point soon and see if my rating of it changes, since I think Sweet Haze is similar. Maybe body chemistry and all that.

Have a happy Father's Day.

Will post Monday.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bamboo Leaves

Another late post. Went to the beach this morning with the munchkin and a couple of friends. No sunburns, no tantrums, all and all a good morning.

So today I tested Bamboo Leaves, from Wyldeivy.

Bamboo Leaves is a green scent with a little light white floral, and some sweetness to it. All in all I liked it.

I'm going to rate this one

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Charm Bracelet

I posted maybe a week or so ago about Rembrandt I thought I'd post a pic of my charm bracelet... here it is from left to right Hand stamped charm for my daughter with a custom birthstone dangle, both from Etsy sellers, love charm from my daughter for my last birthday. The big one is the one I won from Rembrandt for the story of your life contest, it is a calendar with my wedding anniversary. The boxer for my dogs. A guardian angel, I need all the help I can get, and finally the pink cupcake

Dragonfly Blue

Late post today, been running errands again today.

Today's scent is Dragonfly Blue, from Wyldeivy.

So, Dragonfly Blue is another water scent from the summer collection. This one is also really nice. The notes I am getting from this are water, sweet grass (if that exists,) and a light musk, really faint.

I'm being asked to read a book so I'll wrap this up with my rating of

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In The Rain

Today's scent is In The Rain, from Wyldeivy.
So I smell water, fresh cut grass, or something similar to that, clean cotton. The scent is clean and green to me. Crisp!
I'm going to rate it

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Good Morning! I'm back from my long weekend, and am I glad! My little one was under the weather all weekend and yesterday we had an ant invasion in the kitchen. I think the kid is feeling much better and the ants are mostly onto the review for Pom-Acai.

Pom-Acai is from the Wyldeivy summer collection,

I'm not sure if it's because it's summer or if my preferences are changing, but the juicy berry scents are very nice. Pom-Acai is no exception.

Ripe, juicy, fruit, and berries. Not too strong or over powering.

I'm going to rate this

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

She Sells SeaShells

What a crazy morning I am having. Trying to get ready to go away for the weekend and it's errands, errands, errands.

Anyway, today's test is She Sells SeaShells from Wyldeivy.

This is a sweet, creamy coconut. Very nice and mild. I've tried other coconut scents that can over whelming or sticky sweet, this one is neither. It melts into your skin for a nice subtle hint of coconut. What ever is blended with the coconut makes it really nice.
I think coconut is another one of those notes, like strawberry for me, that I get stuck on.

Going to rate this one

I'll be back on Monday with updates.

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Old World Charm: Starhaven and French Kande

The latest from Max & Chloe


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Good Morning! Going to post before I run out the door to do a bazillion things.

Today's test sample is Bronzed, from the Wyldeivy summer collection.

This is a fantastic summer scent. I'm going to call it sweet summer.
I smell sweet, suntan lotion, maybe a musk or patchouli, maybe a summer flower. The blend works so well that I can't really pick out an over whelming or distinctive note.

I really like scents like this that just smell nice.

My rating is

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Rembrandt Charms

Another post about one of my favorite things...charms!!

So I discovered Rembrandt Charms about a year and a half ago, and it was love at first sight.

Rembrandt has, I think, the largest selection of charms out there. I forget what charm I was looking for, but I'm sure they had it.

Rembrandt has something for everyone. For those of us with a charm addiction and want to commemorate all of lifes events they have you covered.

From traditional charm bracelets, to dangles for the pandora crowd, and now they have added, what I'll call affirmation bracelets, and dog tags

Also, they have a monthly contest that you can enter and win a charm bracelet. I won one in February of 2009.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pink Strawberry & Citrus

Good morning!

Today's fragrance is Pink Strawberry & Citrus, from Wyldeivy.

This is a sample I recieved in an order not part of the summer collection.

Now on to the review...just like the name I smelled juicy strawberry. I would call it sugared maybe.

The scent reminded me of the B&BW strawberry scent they had ages ago. I didn't get any citrus, but that isn't unusual for me with strawberry scents, it also happened when tested a scent from sweet anthem that had strawberry in it, might just be my nose or my body chemistry.

I kind of like this scent, it's young and sweet, but not sticky sweet.

I'm going to rate this

Until tomorrow.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Cairo

Today's test scent is Sweet Cairo, from the Wyldeivy summer collection.

So, I like this scent the best so far.

The notes I got were, spice, definately cinnamon, maybe others, and a sweet orange.

I'm going to rate this one

This rating could change as I continue testing, but it would only go up.

Until tomorrow...

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Usual Scent

I know I keep saying this scent is or isn't what I usually go for, and since I've started testing out fragrance samples my tastes have expanded.
Mass market perfumes that I have purchased and liked are Burberry Brit and Aquolina Pink Sugar.
Since I have started testing and my tastes have changed slightly I've purchased these scents from Etsy sellers.
Pink Vanilla
Chocolate Forever
Lemon Lollipop
Ruby Birthstone
Green Clover and Aloe - this was my first expansion scent, I would say, this scent is a green scent
Caroline - this scent makes me feel all grown up. I found it sophisticated with a great blend that didn't overwhelm me.
And now this seems to be my obsession shop.
Olive Leaf and Lemon - this is what I think the Greek Isles would smell like.
Island Beauty - this is what I think Hawaii would smell like.

Last summer when I discovered lemonlollipop, I also tried some samples from Theme Fragrance, also an Etsy seller.

Some of this started because I really want a scent that smells like a day at the beach...suntan lotion, salt water, sand, and all that.

So, my usual scent has changed, slightly, but when I read a description and it says vanilla, I usually try it. I don't usually like florals, but can be swayed if it has vanilla, a soft musk, or even patchouli.

All the sellers I mentioned have scent descriptions at their Etsy shops...check them out!

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Triple W

Today's test scent is Triple W, from Wyldeivy,

So, Triple W was described as a unisex scent, and I can see that. It's definately a masculine scent that a woman could wear. It's not something I usually go for, you know I keep saying that a scent is or isn't what I usually go for so in a separate post I will talk about what I "usually go for"
Anyway, back to Triple W, the notes I get are leather, soap, musk, and maybe a little vanilla. The leather is the dominant note, for me. I'm actually not sure how to rate this, I'm thinking just ok, usually my ok's are ones that I might wear again, but I don't know that I'd wear this again. I don't hate it, I just don't like it. So to be really honest I'm going to go with

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Iced Mango

Good Morning! We had some wild thunderstorms last night and this morning.

So today I tested Iced Mango from the Wyldeivy summer collection.

Iced Mango is pretty much juicy mango. Not something I usually go for as a whole scent, but not bad. I'm going for just ok for me.
So until tomorrow with another scent to test.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Love Jewelry

For those of you that know me pretty well, you know I LOVE Jewelry. Mostly sterling silver and if it's unique, handmade, or trendy, all the better!

So in the past two days I've been introduced to two lines that look way cool.

The first was Stella & Dot,, really cute stuff, and in this mom's opinion right on trend. They even have a cute girls line, that I'm pretty sure my 4 y/o would love...yes I'm starting her young!

The second is Satya Jewelry, I received my weekly Max & Chloe email, ( and Satya is the feature this weekend. The email had such great items pictured that I, of course, clicked through. Again, I'm really impressed with the cuteness of this line.

Going to head over to the main site to explore this yoga inspired line some more.

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Vintage Honey

Today I tested Vintage Honey from This is part of the Wyldeivy summer collection.

So the notes I got from this sample fragrace oil, were this....smoky honey and a light musk. I find this scent just ok for me, and since it's the first one of the collection I'm going to rate it
Can't wait to smell what I try tomorrow.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perfume Project part 3 Sweetanthem

Perfume Project part 3 Sweetanthem

So SweetAnthem was, so far, the hardest to test out. The scents were
so much more complex for me and for some reason I would get, what I'll
call stuck at a note, usually a middle note.

Below are my thoughts.

In the end I purchased Caroline in a roll on and body lotion set.

I think I'm in over my head with these scents. Don't know if I can
rate them. Scents are strong and I seem to get overwhelmed by one note
and can't pick out the others. Tried a couple after shaking them a bit
and that seems to mix the scents, might retry the ones that I had
trouble with

4/30 - Evelyn - old school musk...that's all I'm getting here. Reminds
me of a perfume that was worn in jr high. 

5/3 - Anita - coffee, mint, chocolate, vanilla. Would wear again. 

5/3 night - Eleanor - sweet fruit, didn't get any of the other scents
in this one. The sweet fruit is strawberry, so it's not bad just not
for me  can smell the coconut on my clothes from last night

5/4 - Emily - sweet almond, powder, maybe coffee. Would wear again 

5/5 - Caroline - gave this one a shake to mix. Really subtle, can't
pick out any truly distinctive notes, but the scent is nice. Would
wear again. Fav so far! Smells like a grown up perfume. 

5/6 - Vicky - cinnamon, vanilla, sweet almond. Reaction on left elbow,
probably from the cinammon oil. Would wear again. 

5/7 - Nell - yuck!! Can't pick out a scent, just know that I don't
like it. 

Woohoo!! Wyldeivy Summer Collection

Received the summer collection from Wyldeivy today. So excited to try them out. It looks like I have 18

samples to try. I will post each day the name of the scent, what I smell, and my thoughts.
I have one more post about previous perfumes from Sweet Anthem. I'll put that up later today.
It looks like emoticons show up when I send it from my email or use the blog press app.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Charma

I don't plan on posting two times a's just turning out that way right now.
So a couple weeks ago I was at a birthday party for a friend of my daughters and her entire preschool class was there, and one of the moms had on this fantastic bracelet. I asked her where is was from and I have been drooling over the site ever since....the bracelet is from Good Charma, and apparently they are based right here in MA

My personal fav is the single angel bracelet here
I don't think I'll be getting it any time soon, but it's nice to dream.

Perfume project part 2 Wyldeivy

Here is my second attempt at critiqueing perfumes. A little more
descriptive. Scents I couldn't decide on I tried twice. I apologize
for the emoticons if they are screwed up.
In the end I ordered large perfumes of Island Beauty and Olive Leaf
and Lemon. With that order I also purchased a sampling of five other
scents and a freebie, I haven't tried the freebie yet, I'll add it to
the summer collection. The five other scents are the May dates. A
couple of them are the same as my original sampling just in a
different form.
Perfume project part 2 Wyldeivy
4/13 - Fairy Wings - candy, orange 
4/14 - Sun Tea - lemon, tea, sugar, vanilla  retry 2/29 changing
to  nice but not as great as I remember 
4/15 - Island Beauty - coconut, vanilla, like the islands  retry
4/27 still great 
4/16 - Bella Vanille - true creamy vanilla, a little cakey 
4/17 - Olive Leaf & Lemon - creamy, green, what I'd expect
Mediterranean islands to smell like  retry 4/26 still great 
4/18 - Sandcastles - lemon start, creamy vanilla, musk  retry 5/2
smelled pine, not a fav...can't decide on this one, the start was not
great, but by the end of the day I liked the finish 
4/19 - Amber Chai - mostly cinnamon, other spices, a little
sugar...could go old spice if not careful 
4/20 - Wylde Summer - coconut, island flowers, suntan lotion, vanilla,
closest to summer and beach yet  retry 4/28 still nice, but
liking island beauty better 
4/21 - Violet Sun - sweet floral start, lemon, light musk or vanilla
finish  passed along to Kelly
4/22 - Wylde Vanilla - patchouli, marzipan, vanilla, warm yummy, yet
hippy dippy  retry 5/2 still like this, warm fragrance...fall
4/23 - Lemon-tine - lemon, too much lemon. I usually like lemon, but
this one...yuck 
4/24 - Crush - vanilla sugar, nice 
5/14 - Azure - atomized with perfumers alcohol. Soap, water, vanilla
or coconut, and maybe a floral 
5/15 - Wylde Cocoa - vanilla, chocolate, yummy. Atomized. 
5/16 - Ember - cinnamon, vanilla, smoke. Atomized. Nice scent. 
5/17 - Dirty Chocolate - burnt chocolate, a little vanilla. Atomized.
Would wear again. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Perfume Project part 1 Lemonlollipop and Fourseasonsfragrance

Perfume Project part 1 Lemonlollipop and Fourseasonsfragrance

Let me start by saying I have made multiple purchases from Michelle. Last summer I found her shop and I purchased samples of Pink Vanilla, Chocolate Forever, and LemonLollipop. I liked them all and purchased roll on perfume's of each of them and added dry oil mists of the Pink Vanilla and Chocolate Forever. I, also, have a Pink Vanilla sugar scrub and body butter. Michelle has recently expanded her Pink Vanilla line to include candles and lip balm, both of which I have on the way to me.

My descriptions are a little lacking for this first round, but I get more descriptive in the next groups. And when I can figure out emoticons for my blog, I will add them back in.

Day 1 December - Powdery finish 3/26
Day 2 Spring Equinox - fruity finish apples & pears 3/27
Day 3 Autum Equinox - spicy finish, like old spice 3/28
Day 4 Birthday Gal - vanilla, sugar, and light floral 3/29
Day 5 September - sweet finish with some floral and musk 3/30
Day 6 Summer Solstice - sweet floral finish 3/31
Day 7 Winter Solstice - patchouli, light sweet musk, maybe powdery
Day 8 October - wood, musk, maybe a little vanilla, earthy 4/2
Day 9 March - lily of the valley, grass, clean cotton 4/3
Day 10 June - light musk, powder, started a little light floral 4/4
Day 11 SandSurf - beach!! really light, clean, ocean 4/5
Day 12 February - clean crisp light with a flower I can't name, green,
wood, vanilla 4/6
Day 13 May - clean, green, light floral, peach 4/7
Day 14 August - fruity, grapefruit, lemon, not easily describeable 4/8
Day 15 April - lemon, sugar, moss, dirt, smoke 4/9
Day 16 July - floral, with some vanilla 4/10
Day 17 January - vanilla, wood, musk, earthy, a little dry fruit 4/11
Day 18 November - vanilla, light orange, caramel, sugar 4/12

First Post

Hello's a humid day here in MA. I think I'm going to start by posting about what I have been doing for the past couple months with some great Etsy sellers.
A few months ago I started trying perfume samples. I received two sample from Ophelia's Apothecary ( in an order I placed with them and decided to try them out. I loved one of them...the scent is Green Clover & Aloe. I ended up purchasing it. But it gave me a great idea...why not scout around Etsy and see what other great scents are out there to try. Most sellers will offer their scents in sample size vials for a nomial cost or in a grouping.
So I went back to another favorite seller Lemonlollipop, Michelle has a few other Etsy sites, too. I just always start at and link to her others. And I purchased a grouping from her shop.
When I received my order I decided to take notes on each fragrance and how I personally liked each scent. I used a thumbs up or down system for myself.
Now I know fragrance is personal to each person so my findings are subjective and I will post my thoughts for each scent in a future posts.
I found couple other great sellers too. and
Not sure if I'm done with the sampling or not since I just placed an order with Wyldeivy for her summer collection, but we will see....

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