Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dogs Are Found

Shortly after my post on Friday I received a phone call that the dogs were about four miles away at a home near the Concord river. We were all relived that they were ok and coming home.

Best we can tell is they followed some high tension power lines to that area.

Both dogs are ok, tired, dehydrated, hungry, and a little scratched up, but ok.

I want to thank every one that helped look for them and spread the word that they were missing.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

My Dogs are Missing

I'm writing this with so much sadness.

On Wednesday April 11 at about 10:30 pm I put my dogs out for their last bathroom break before bed time and they escaped our fenced in yard. Now them escaping isn't unusual, they love to dig under the fence and have been doing it frequently. We have done so much to "Mac Gyver" the fence to keep them in, but they kept finding ways out. Just that afternoon they got out and I retrieved them quickly and my husband checked the fence for weakness and couldn't find the issue, so we thought we were good.

Once we realized they were out I went off for a ride to find them. I went to all their usual spots, but couldn't find them, after 45 minutes of looking I gave up and came home hoping they would come back.

On the 12th I took my daughter to school and came home to work on finding them. I've posted on Facebook and Craigslist. I've made flyers and called dog officers in four towns. I've contacted four or five rescue/ humane societies with their information. I have walked through the woods and along the high tension power lines. My sisters in law are out looking for them. People I dont even know are looking for them. My daughters classmates and their siblings are looking for them.

I am out of steam. I am emotionally spent. I am losing hope.

Here I am at almost 8 pm on April 13, and the dogs have been seen only once...back on the 11th at about 11:30 pm maybe 1/2 mile from my house on a street that I checked, but I missed them.

I think someone took them and is keeping them or drove them far away, or who knows what. They had collars on with ID tags and our phone number.

Before these dogs we had two of the same breed, who passed away...I don't know what's worse having your pet die or just disappear.

My daughter is sad, my husband is sad, I'm sad.

If you see my dogs please call me 978-771-0434. Their names are Ellie and Gracie.

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