Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baroni & Club Med Spa

While I was at Club Med I made a couple visits to the onsite spa. Once for a couples massage with the husband, by far one of the best massages I've had, and once for a facial. They had a small but nice selection of items.

The two things that stood out for me were the staff t-shirts and the jewelry collection.

The t-shirts where an organic white cotton burnout, short sleeved t, with a Club Med Spa screen print on it, very cute! The price was a little steep for me, so
I skipped the t.

The jewelry collection was from Baroni and consisted of hand stamped charms, which we all know I'm a fan of, birthstone charms, and a few other hand-stamped icon charms. All in all a really nice selection.

My interest in the Baroni collection prompted me to look the up on the Internet. I found their wholesale website, with links to online retailers.

Here: http://www.baronidesigns.com/Where_to_buy_Baroni_handmade_sterling_silver_jewelry_s/4.htm

I also found that I am just loving this bracelet http://www.jewelrycrossings.com/store/BR_SA-B-43_MATTE.php

I think my jewelry obsession is getting out of control!

Back From Vacation

So, I'm just a couple days back from a fantastic vacation at Club Med Sandpiper in FL.

If you're looking for an all inclusive, family friendly vacation in the US, that doesn't require you to go on rides or wait in long lines, try Club Med Sandpiper. We had a great time!

I will say there were a few bumps, but overall a great vacation.

Visit the resort website here http://sandpiperbay.clubmed.us/resort

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