Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm a blogging fool today, guess that's what happens on a rainy afternoon.

So, I was browsing around Etsy, shocker, and I found this, and I thought 'wow, how totally cute, and something I would wear, but I'd love my initials engraved on it. Then I did a search for an engraved locket, and didn't come up, with anything as traditional as my first item, but I did find this... I've ordered from MetalPressions before, so I know that their items are nice quality. And the addition of the other charm is a nice touch.

Then I had another brainstorm!! My favorite charms...Rembrandt Charms has photo art charms, too, Charm Detail - Rembrandt Charms

Only thing I'm not sure about is if they are specifically made for charm bracelets, or if you can wear them as pendants...since my charm bracelet is kind of clunky, and this would get lost in the shuffle on it. Rembrandt also has engraveble discs is multiple sizes to get the same look as the MetalPressions item...or traditional lockets, hmmmm, really the possibilities.

Outfit Obsession

Today when I checked my inbox there was a message from Piperlime, and when I opened it I saw this outfit

Which I immediately became obsessed with, so in the style of one of my favorite blogs J's Everyday Fashion ( I decided to try and copy it, because really as a mom that works one or two days a week and has a five year old that will ruin my clothes in a instant, why would I pay $136 for a trendy shirt, or $99 for denim shorts.

Here is what I came up with shorts from Old Navy, I ordered these yesterday,
And this top from Forever21,

How did I do?

Looking at the Forever21 website there are lots of other options, too. I purchased the top at the store in my local mall, but I may shop online more, so I can see the bigger selection and so I don't feel like an old lady shopping in the kids store

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Wiggle - Selene

Today I'm wearing Selene from Wiggle Perfume.

Description from the Etsy, Wiggle Perfune shop,

Because I've always been desperately envious of those linen and lapis draped ladies in the frescoes, and because I just got my hands on the most exquisite red musk, I've created Selene as a love letter to the Nile. Named after Cleopatra's daughter (and accompanied by a matching men's scent named after her son, Helios) this perfume will make you feel positively regal. I've blended rich golden myrrh with red musk (the proper Indian stuff I used to get from the Gypsy Market in Atlanta) and blood orange essential oil. Heady lotus, night blooming jasmine, and olive blossom lend a narcotic femininity. Selene is all moonlight and warm breezes, perfect for pairing with gladiator sandals and a gold bangle or two.

So, first sniff, in the tester, is a lovely white floral, probably the jasmine, then it's gone. Now I'm getting the musk and myrrh definitely as a spicy scent, but not in an overwhelming old spice kind of way.

I think this is just ok for me.

Rating today

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wiggle Perfume

A while ago I found another interesting perfume seller on Etsy...well not really found, I kind of stalk Meredith, from Sweet Anthem's Etsy activity feed and she always finds them first ;)...anyway...Wiggle Perfume (

I picked four samples from the line up and received five...have to say I love all Etsy sellers that send an extra sample, I think plenty of times I find that I like the extra, as much as my picks.

Today from Wiggle I'm wearing/testing Manora.

Manora is based on Thai iced tea, quoting Wiggle shop owner Nani, the notes are cool black tea, various sweet creamy notes, with a bit of lotus and coconut.

When I first sniffed this in the test vial, I kind of got a almond, marzipan scent, even on my skin for the first bit it was sweet and creamy. Now I'm down to a dry tea scent.

Wasn't even sure today would be a good day to test, since I started the day cleaning up after my dog, and wondering if I'd make it to the gym.

I have to say this is growing on me, at first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but now I could wear this occasionally. Will definitely try it out again..

My rating for today

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I love it when I win stuff ;)

A while ago I entered a contest  to win a ring for an Etsy seller that I just love Madelynn's jewelry is beautiful, but usually out of my price range for this mostly stay at home mom. Now don't get me wrong, her stuff is not outrageously priced, but I'm bad at saving and what I do, do for work is seasonal and dependent on others expendable income.

Anyway...I entered the contest, and I won.  I was/am really excited to get the ring. Here is a link to the ring

Thanks again Madelynn from One Garnet Girl!!

I think I'm going to try and get better at saving so I can add other pieces from the One Garnet Girl shop to my collection. :)

The 5th Birthday - Toy Story

I know I usually blog about perfumes, jewelry, and other mostly shopping stuff, but I feel like I must blog about my daughter's 5th birthday party.

My daughter, Paige, turned 5 on June 4th, and wanted to have a Toy Story party theme. So I hit the internet and Etsy to plan it and look for ideas to make it fun and unique. Paige was super involved in the planning and picking of almost all the items for her birthday, I guess I'm raising a control freak, like myself.

First I found this fantastic invitation on Etsy at

Then I found a really great custom t-shirt at this shop on Etsy

The picture doesn't really show it great, but it's Jessie with Paige's age and her name.
Now on to the cake, since it's in the picture.
Paige and I reviewed pictures on the internet and found this fabulous cake...
it's awesome!! And here is my version

Not quite as spectacular, but I think a good first try at cake decorating and fondant rolling. I think the kids loved the candy letters the best. The Toy Story figurines came from the Disney Store.

We also found two other great ideas at the Disney Family Fun website for Hamm cake pops from Bakerella

Here is my attempt at the cake pops.

Some of them came out great and some of them look like rats, and we had lots of fallen soldiers, but they tasted yummy. I would do plain round cake pops again, the shaped ones were pretty difficult for me, but with more practice, who knows.

Also at Disney Family Fun, were Jessie cookie hats, I ran out of time and steam before I could make them, but they looked like a great idea.

So all in all it was a fun experience and I learned a lot about cake decorating and how to use my former project management skills to plan a kids birthday party. Plus this is the most creative I've gotten with one of her parties this far. And I think she loved it, when her friends were singing to her she gave me the biggest smile  I think I've ever seen, and that made it all worth it.


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