Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 5th Birthday - Toy Story

I know I usually blog about perfumes, jewelry, and other mostly shopping stuff, but I feel like I must blog about my daughter's 5th birthday party.

My daughter, Paige, turned 5 on June 4th, and wanted to have a Toy Story party theme. So I hit the internet and Etsy to plan it and look for ideas to make it fun and unique. Paige was super involved in the planning and picking of almost all the items for her birthday, I guess I'm raising a control freak, like myself.

First I found this fantastic invitation on Etsy at uprint4less.etsy.com

Then I found a really great custom t-shirt at this shop on Etsy funpersonalitees.etsy.com

The picture doesn't really show it great, but it's Jessie with Paige's age and her name.
Now on to the cake, since it's in the picture.
Paige and I reviewed pictures on the internet and found this fabulous cake...http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/coolest-toy-story-birthday-cake-9.html
it's awesome!! And here is my version

Not quite as spectacular, but I think a good first try at cake decorating and fondant rolling. I think the kids loved the candy letters the best. The Toy Story figurines came from the Disney Store.

We also found two other great ideas at the Disney Family Fun website for Hamm cake pops from Bakerella

Here is my attempt at the cake pops.

Some of them came out great and some of them look like rats, and we had lots of fallen soldiers, but they tasted yummy. I would do plain round cake pops again, the shaped ones were pretty difficult for me, but with more practice, who knows.

Also at Disney Family Fun, were Jessie cookie hats, I ran out of time and steam before I could make them, but they looked like a great idea.http://family.go.com/disney/pkg-disney-recipes/recipe-787983-jessie-cowgirl-hat-cookies-t/

So all in all it was a fun experience and I learned a lot about cake decorating and how to use my former project management skills to plan a kids birthday party. Plus this is the most creative I've gotten with one of her parties this far. And I think she loved it, when her friends were singing to her she gave me the biggest smile  I think I've ever seen, and that made it all worth it.

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