Monday, June 20, 2011

Wiggle Perfume

A while ago I found another interesting perfume seller on Etsy...well not really found, I kind of stalk Meredith, from Sweet Anthem's Etsy activity feed and she always finds them first ;)...anyway...Wiggle Perfume (

I picked four samples from the line up and received five...have to say I love all Etsy sellers that send an extra sample, I think plenty of times I find that I like the extra, as much as my picks.

Today from Wiggle I'm wearing/testing Manora.

Manora is based on Thai iced tea, quoting Wiggle shop owner Nani, the notes are cool black tea, various sweet creamy notes, with a bit of lotus and coconut.

When I first sniffed this in the test vial, I kind of got a almond, marzipan scent, even on my skin for the first bit it was sweet and creamy. Now I'm down to a dry tea scent.

Wasn't even sure today would be a good day to test, since I started the day cleaning up after my dog, and wondering if I'd make it to the gym.

I have to say this is growing on me, at first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but now I could wear this occasionally. Will definitely try it out again..

My rating for today

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