Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm a blogging fool today, guess that's what happens on a rainy afternoon.

So, I was browsing around Etsy, shocker, and I found this, and I thought 'wow, how totally cute, and something I would wear, but I'd love my initials engraved on it. Then I did a search for an engraved locket, and didn't come up, with anything as traditional as my first item, but I did find this... I've ordered from MetalPressions before, so I know that their items are nice quality. And the addition of the other charm is a nice touch.

Then I had another brainstorm!! My favorite charms...Rembrandt Charms has photo art charms, too, Charm Detail - Rembrandt Charms

Only thing I'm not sure about is if they are specifically made for charm bracelets, or if you can wear them as pendants...since my charm bracelet is kind of clunky, and this would get lost in the shuffle on it. Rembrandt also has engraveble discs is multiple sizes to get the same look as the MetalPressions item...or traditional lockets, hmmmm, really the possibilities.

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