Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Outfit Obsession

Today when I checked my inbox there was a message from Piperlime, and when I opened it I saw this outfit

Which I immediately became obsessed with, so in the style of one of my favorite blogs J's Everyday Fashion ( I decided to try and copy it, because really as a mom that works one or two days a week and has a five year old that will ruin my clothes in a instant, why would I pay $136 for a trendy shirt, or $99 for denim shorts.

Here is what I came up with shorts from Old Navy, I ordered these yesterday,
And this top from Forever21,

How did I do?

Looking at the Forever21 website there are lots of other options, too. I purchased the top at the store in my local mall, but I may shop online more, so I can see the bigger selection and so I don't feel like an old lady shopping in the kids store

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