Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hi there.

A real post today.

I just discovered OpulentAlchemy on Etsy.

In my quest to find the beach scent I have in my head I was searching Etsy for beach fragrances and found OpulentAlchemy.

All the beach and summer scents I have tried have been too tropical, not like a day at the beach here on the east coast. Those of you from the east coast might know what I mean. Salt water, sand, beach grass, sun, suntan lotion...that coconut smell, but not all the tropical flowers.

I tried Bobbi Brown Beach a long time ago, and if I remember correctly, she got it right.

But couldn't afford it, and I've been hoping to find it recreated someplace, OpulentAlchemy has it.

Nichole of OpulentAlchemy does replica scents. You know have you ever wished a soap or shampoo scent was a perfume, from say Lush or Aveda. Or that super expensive designer fragrance that you just love but can't spend the cash on.

Check out OpulentAlchemy, she might just have it.

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