Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Off Topic

So, I'm sure everyone wants to hear more about my mommy group drama. It's SO interesting, that grown women can undermine each other so they can feel better about themselves.

Earlier this week one of the moms mentioned in my rant sent an email to our entire group, raising the white flag, and trying to clear the air. Her intentions were good, that I believe, and I for one was glad, I really wanted to know what happened.

Well I got my answer!

A little back ground, our core group was a group of four, myself, the two mentioned earlier, and another. Then two more were added. The group seemed good, we clicked, our kids got along, too.

Well it turns out that one mom was not all that she seemed, obviously. She took advantage of one friend so much that this friend stopped helping her out, it was excessive.

I pegged her from the beginning, you know this invite her to something and she can't give you an answer, you wonder why...then you figure it out she is waiting for a better offer. She'll get another invite and weigh her options, which one will advance her more socially. Yup we had that girl in our group. So, she's a user and a social climber, recipe for disaster in a group of women.

So this mom, so insecure in herself, decided to burn our group to the ground. She took normal comments made in conversations and turned them into hurtful gossip.

Now, I'm not totally blameless here, during the group bonds and connections were formed. Some people clicked better than others, our kids, our families in general, and we did private get togethers in the spur of the moment.

In my opinion, and since I'm the author, well...we didn't hide or flaunt this. We also saw other connections similar to ours being formed, so we just let it be.

Honestly, I could go on and on. Make myself out to be perfect but I know I'm not. I also know that I wouldn't take normal conversations and turn them into exaggerated hurtful gossip to hurt my 'friends' feelings and ruin other friendships. That is not a friend!

During the week there have been many emails between our group, but none from the person that started all the trouble. I can just picture her sitting at home reading the emails, cackling as our group imploded. She must feel really good about herself now.

The emails got so bad that I finally told the mom with the money trouble to stop emailing me, when she went so far as to make up a story about my closest friend talking about me.

I've been good not mentioning names in this one, but if any one runs into Amy Taylor from Billerica MA, watch your back! And hopefully karma will get her.

Now I have closure!!

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