Monday, November 15, 2010

Hampton Jewels

So, some time ago I wrote about handstammped mommy jewelry at Etsy.

Today I'm going to talk about another mommy jewelry option, birthstones.

Some of the handstammpers offer birthstone dangles as an option, but I found a great option in Hampton Jewels,

I did a custom birthstone trinket necklace, based on this listing,

I really like look of the little cluster, that is what drew me to the shop to begin with.

The picture and the price in the listing are just samples. You get to build your own by convoing the seller, Nancy, and discuss what you would like.

I chose to use the birthstones for myself, my husband, and daughter. I think the three look great together.

You could even have the stone from your wedding month.

Here is my finished piece

I used my own chain, and sometimes I mix it with my handstammped pieces, too.

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