Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cordelia - Sweet Anthem

Let me start by saying Cordelia is one of my favorite names. I wanted to name Paige, Cordelia, but she is a anyway on to the review.

Cordelia, smells like water, and clean to me, maybe dryer sheets.
This would make a fantastic sachet for a closet or drawer.

Can't say I would want to wear it every day, but occasionally yes.


This is the fifth sample from the fall collection, so one more to go and a free solid sample.

Also, Ashlee from WyldeIvy has a fall collection debuting this week. You can read about it here

Not sure how her samples will work for the collection, but I'll get what I can and review the seven new scents, plus the Monsters in Love collection if available.

I definitely want the two new Monsters.

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