Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scented Lotion - WyldeIvy

Ok, the topic seems kind of silly, but no sillier than the rest of my blog, haha.

So I was going to review/compare the body lotion from WyldeIvy and Sweet Anthem, but then I remembered I have lotions from Lemonlollipop and Ophelia's Apothecary.

So, I'm just going to review the WyldeIvy today and each of the others separately.

On to the review...the lotion is thick and creamy, it absorbed easily, and the scent strength is great. I like my lotions to moisturize, but not leave me greasy. Quick absorption is key, as a mom you can't wait around for your lotion to sink in.

Ashlee got it right!

Ashlee let's you choose your scent from her extensive list, I got mine in my latest fav, It's My Party, Bad Girl. I reviewed it in August, I think.

So rating for fragrance strength is

Rating for the overall lotion is


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