Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Off Topic

So my blog has been about me having fun, trying to keep my mind occupied since I feel like it's turning to mush.

This post is going to be a rant of sorts, so if you don't want to read stop now...

First, why can't women just say what they mean and stop being nasty!

My issue is with two so called friends. We were put into a play group together when our kids were 18 months old, and until about June all was well. So most people would call this a situational friendship and just move on. Most of me is ready to do this, since I have very little in common with these two moms, and their kids are out of control, large boys, that consistently run my little girl over. One playdate with these two and it takes all day to get her back on earth.

So I have no idea what happened in June to cause the rift.

All of a sudden the playdate invites stopped, for myself and another mom in the group. I actually confronted one of them and she gave me a lame response that she could be picky about who she had for friends, and that since I had branched out to other moms at our preschool, she didn't want to put the effort in, in our friendship or in making new ones.

The other mom is just rude, recently at a birthday party for a mutual friends son, she just gave nasty looks and let her son pummel kids in the bouncy house.

This past week I put in what is going to be my last effort. I invited them to our annual Halloween party, and of course they both declined.

So for me this is my closure, since I can't say it to them I'm venting and I'm done!!

So Kelley and Tiffany, screw you and your out of control kids!! I don't miss Tyler and Josh beating Paige up and you ignoring it. With attitudes like yours, you and your kids won't be invited to playdates.

And Tiffany, I gave your name to the producer from Super Nanny because you need it and the $5000 that came with it since you always complain about money and how you never have any. Really who goes to Mohegan Sun with $20 to gamble? I was so pissed that I had to eat crappy Chinese food that night instead of at a good restaurant at the casino.

And Kelley, you really need a clothing intervention. What Not To Wear will be calling you! And you can't dance at all. Guess what you can't be picky if someone wants to be your friend then count yourself lucky.

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