Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wylde Ivy - She Walks Delicately

So, She Walks Delicately is a light floral, with green notes.

I smelled lily of the valley, violets, and other sheer florals that I can't determine. The lily and violets were the predominant notes. The green note, was fresh, maybe grassy.

Right now it has faded away, so I'd need to reapply.

The notes I smelled blended very well together and balanced out, for me. Since I'm not a huge fan of all out florals, I liked it, but I'm not in love with it.

If you're familiar with Ashlee's fragrances, I'd categorize this one with Simple Love and Simple Wish, since these are also fairly light scents.

I was at Whole Foods today and the cashier asked me what I was wearing for perfume though, so it did carry some punch when first on, since I only applied it to my wrist and elbow pulse points.

Rating for today

Here is the description from Wylde Ivy - Delicate and demure, hauntingly feminine. Sweet and fresh without being cloying or heavy.
Notes of lotus blossom, bergamot, bamboo leaves, summer apples, jasmine, white amber, green musk, and sparkling narcissus

So, I converted the jasmine and narcissus to lily and violet. And the green musk or bamboo to grass.

Ah well, I never said my nose was perfect.

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