Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wylde Ivy - Island High Tea

Island High Tea description from the Wylde Ivy shop....Sun brewed red tea infused with fresh coconut and vanilla beans and a touch of sugar cubes and lemon.

So, I'm currently getting just the coconut and vanilla. I was expecting more tea. I'm not complaining I like the coconut vanilla, but I also really love the tea scents from Ashlee, so I was looking forward to another astringent tea with the addition of the coconut and vanilla.

Right now it's early in the day and in wearing this scent, we will see how it wears

After wearing all day Island High Tea has dried down to a nice vanilla.

Rating today
I'm giving Island High Tea this rating because I like the vanilla coconut, but I wish I could have smelled the tea stronger.

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