Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Custom Scent

So excited and happy!! I received my custom scent yesterday. I'm wearing it today, and I love it!!!
The notes I picked were
Top - Orange Peel - I think this one is self explanatory
Middle - Pink Pepper - can't find a good description for this, but I find it spicy, but milder smelling than black pepper
Base - Tonka Bean - definition from Wiki -

So right now a smell a little like an orange blossom, I think. I smell the orange, but it's light and lingering. It mixes well with the tonka bean, which smells slightly vanilla. The pink pepper blends in well, too, all in all, I love my scent and plan to wear it often. Also, not sure if Meredith blended anything else in, I would say no, but sometimes I don't trust my nose.

In addition Meredith sent me two samples, Emily and Rebecca. I will test Rebecca, when I'm ready to switch from my custom. I tested Emily a while back.

And my other favorite perfumer, Ashlee from Wylde Ivy has some new scents coming out, so look for those.

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