Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Does the world owe you???

We're moving in about 6 weeks to a town about half way between where we are now and the husbands work. We're moving for a few reasons the biggest being this move will cut the husbands commute in half. The next is we do need more space and privacy for all of us. The husband likes to do wood working and he'll get a dedicated space for that. The girl and I like to craft, my poor sewing machine has cobwebs on it, and we'll get a dedicated space for that. Plus we get space to hopefully host a family holiday or two. And it's a better school system for the girl and this year we saw what a small class can do for a young mind.

Needless to say we're pretty excited, but I know there will be a few who question us, not nessacarily about the move, but about our income and how it's so unfair to someone else that we got SO lucky...see I'm back to that...and this is what I say to you...

We work hard, me raising the girl and the husband doing what he does. We've both worked hard for a long time. When we met in 1996 the husband was working in a factory and I was a customer service phone rep. Since then we've both grown and changed both personally and professionally and it wasn't luck, it was hard work and dedication. It wasn't handed to us. We both feel that hard work is the key.

Everyday I see my husband drive an hour to and from work. He travels so often for work that there are weeks that I feel like a single mom. But it's all worth it to us.

So when you say to me that so and so has it so hard the world is against him, he has no luck, or whatever you want to tell yourself that makes you feel better about how you enable him. I'll say to you...

The world doesn't owe you anything, you make your decisions to lay in bed, or go fishing or hunting, or get high, those are your decisions and you should suffer the consequences.

I will not feel guilty that we work hard to have what we want.

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