Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Anthem - Colin

From the back log...I'm pretty sure I got the halloween releases but didn't review them, since the app was out of commission during this time. And I can't seem the make it through the Lulu Beauty samples. I've sniffed them, and I think that they will be good to try now, more that when I originally received them.

The last of the fall LE's from Sweet Anthem is Colin, but have no fear Meredith did a Halloween release that I'm expecting to receive soon. I'm also going to be reviewing another Etsy shop I found Lulu Beauty.

So anyway on to Colin...first sniff was cinnamon and clove, now I'm not sure what the mid note is right now. So I got cinnamon and clove from the cardamom, which I also really love the scent of. I'm thinking the mid note is the benzoin.

This one is my favorite of these samples.

Here is the description...Thick air of cardamom, incense, and myrrh set the stage for many a-ghostly and storied song, and provides asylum for spice-laden spectors who steal sweet maidens into the dead of night. Amber, Benzoin, Cardamom, Frankincense, Honey, Myrrh

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