Monday, March 12, 2012

Putting it out there...part 2

This part is the hard one and the husband will probably hate that I'm putting it out there....but here goes...

Contrary to popular belief I'm not perfect I don't claim to be and my life isn't perfect now nor has it ever been perfect. It's pretty darn good, but not perfect. I don't live in an ivory tower and have servants waiting on me, oh how I wish.
Oh, and I'm not rich, I'm going to go back to my last post...we work hard for our stuff.

I've been to counseling for a crap load of stuff, starting with the fact that I'm adopted, to the mind games my mother played on me as a kid/teen, the difficulties we had conceiving, the shock when we did, and the emotional roller coaster of post partum. I'll say right here, I probably should go back to counseling and I'm sure I will at some point.

Every morning I wake up to a massive adrenaline rush that takes either a 3+ mile run to wear it off or several hours, I've been like that since June 2006. I laugh when I should be angry and I can't control the inappropriate reaction at all.

I love my husband and my daughter, and neither of them is perfect.

I'm not a perfect mother and I won't ever be, but my kid will be able to read a plane, train, or bus schedule, if I have any thing to say about it. She'll work hard for her stuff and she will never think that the world or society owes her anything.

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