Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scent By The Sea - Gidget

I think Gidget is supposed to smell like fun in the California sun, but for me it smells like soap. Really clean and dry...I guess I'm really missing something, maybe it will develop over the day.

So I didn't get much change over the day and I'm not saying the soap smell is a bad thing, but I just hate it when I don't smell what I'm supposed to, plus I really love the beachy smelling fragrances.

Description from the Etsy shop...Does summer have a scent? If it did it would have to recreate the season's sweetest memories: cutoff shorts and tiki torches; salt breezes and Coppertone; daring each other to walk out to the furthest rock on the jetty; late nights borrowing his anorak; talking until midnight under the deserted lifeguard station. All the traditional joys of a too-short summer season are wrapped up in this perfume, blending sweetness and floral with citrus-y floral fresh air/water notes.

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