Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scent By The Sea - Green Tea

Green Tea is slightly fruity and dry with the tea undertone.

I like this one better than other green tea scents I've tried, but it's still not a favorite. I think this is an aquired taste and it's growing on me since it's a clean scent

Description from Etsy shop...I've been on a decade-long search for good green tea perfume. In sniffing others' blends, I've come to realize that when people talk about a green tea perfume, they can mean one of two types. The first type actually smells like green tea--musty, earthy--and the second type is more like how you *wish* green tea would smell--light, fresh, and tart. My green tea blend definitely belongs to the second category--it's an incredibly airy light accord of green tea fragrance oil, yuzu (japanest grapefruit) essential oil, and lemon essential oil. It's one of my Diva scents (stand-alone, single note or simple blends) and perfect for spring.

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