Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wylde Ivy - Apple Festival

Lately I've had a love affair with apple scents, in particular She's so Flirty, and 50's Diner, well to be honest 50's Diner is rhubarb, but the note to me is similar...anyway, this affair with the apple or crisp top notes prompted me to try Fall Mountain Festival and today's scent Apple Festival.

So Apple Festival started out with a crisp blend of apples, not one particular apple. Now I'm at a creamy blend of apple and vanilla, and maybe some sugar.

I found that over the day the scent was light and would have to be reapplied, but still a nice scent.

Here is the scent description from Wylde Ivy...When fall starts to paint the leaves in a wash of color, it is time for the apple festival. The warm autumn breeze carries the scent of all things apple as vendors prepare their luscious treats. Apple pies and apple dumplings, vanilla milkshakes, and the scent of the surrounding trees. There is just a hint of other fruited delicacies like strawberry pie and peach cobbler mixing with the apples and oak leaves.

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