Friday, September 23, 2011

Whirlpool HE Washer

For any of you that know me well, you may have seen the wonderful picture I posted yesterday on Facebook of my 5 y/o Whirlpool Washer. If I can ever figure out how to get it from my iphone to my iPad I'll add it here until then you can see the lovelyness in my Facebook photos.

Anyway, said washer is in my best guess a lemon of the highest caliber. From day one, after it was delivered and installed by Lowes, it shook the entire house, made fabulous banging noises and spewed water from the drain tube, all the while twisting our clothing into knots.

This washer was purchased on my 6th anniversary, before we had the monkey, b/c as you all know little monkeys make lots of laundry. In all actuality my monkey is far messier now than she was as an infant, but that is neither here nor there for this. And yes the joke was the washer and dryer were my anniversary presents, haha. Ladies never accept appliances or home goods as any type of gift, unless your also receiving a nice piece of jewelry, too.

So back to the story....washer and dryer arrive get installed and get put to use. Washer goes nuts. Husband and I, very pregnant, watch the washer shake, rattle and roll, and fear that it's going to chase us out of the laundry room, actually out of the basement, of our split entry home. So we try every thing to cure this. Husband builds pedestals for the set. Bolts the pedestals to the basement floor, we think you could park a car on this pedestal, the washer will be fine, nope.

We call for service, which BTW, never buy from the store, they just want your $$$ they don't actually want to do the service you want. But while under warranty they were fine, the guy came out replaced one or two of the shocks, all seems fine....then it starts again, we call again and again and again. Each time the repairman opens the bottom of the washer and reconnects the shocks, well hell I can do that...once a week for the next 4+ years.

Now it's shimmied and vibrated so much that the panel where the shocks were hidden is now popped open and the door panel that covers the drum has fallen down, if we could get the bottom panel to stay closed it might fix the door problem, but who knows.

So off to purchase a new washer. Yesterday I spent hours doing research and for every washer that was recommend at certain websites there was a pattern for say every 2 good consumer reviews there was 1 horror story about how bad the product was and on top of that the overwhelming theme was how terrible the manufacturer customer service was. So I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what we buy the product will suck and so will the customer service.

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  1. Hey Patti,

    FYI on transferring pics from iPhone to iPad (and vice-versa)...there is an app I use called "Photo Transfer App" by Enrique Rodriguez. It is about $3 and is fantastic...easy to use, and all you have to do is have both devices running through the same WiFi signal.

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