Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Post

Hello there....it's a humid day here in MA. I think I'm going to start by posting about what I have been doing for the past couple months with some great Etsy sellers.
A few months ago I started trying perfume samples. I received two sample from Ophelia's Apothecary (opheliasapothecary.etsy.com) in an order I placed with them and decided to try them out. I loved one of them...the scent is Green Clover & Aloe. I ended up purchasing it. But it gave me a great idea...why not scout around Etsy and see what other great scents are out there to try. Most sellers will offer their scents in sample size vials for a nomial cost or in a grouping.
So I went back to another favorite seller Lemonlollipop, Michelle has a few other Etsy sites, too. I just always start at lemonlollipop.etsy.com and link to her others. And I purchased a grouping from her fourseasonsfragrance.etsy.com shop.
When I received my order I decided to take notes on each fragrance and how I personally liked each scent. I used a thumbs up or down system for myself.
Now I know fragrance is personal to each person so my findings are subjective and I will post my thoughts for each scent in a future posts.
I found couple other great sellers too. sweetanthem.etsy.com and wyldeivy.etsy.com
Not sure if I'm done with the sampling or not since I just placed an order with Wyldeivy for her summer collection, but we will see....

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