Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Perfume Project part 1 Lemonlollipop and Fourseasonsfragrance

Perfume Project part 1 Lemonlollipop and Fourseasonsfragrance

Let me start by saying I have made multiple purchases from Michelle. Last summer I found her shop and I purchased samples of Pink Vanilla, Chocolate Forever, and LemonLollipop. I liked them all and purchased roll on perfume's of each of them and added dry oil mists of the Pink Vanilla and Chocolate Forever. I, also, have a Pink Vanilla sugar scrub and body butter. Michelle has recently expanded her Pink Vanilla line to include candles and lip balm, both of which I have on the way to me.

My descriptions are a little lacking for this first round, but I get more descriptive in the next groups. And when I can figure out emoticons for my blog, I will add them back in.

Day 1 December - Powdery finish 3/26
Day 2 Spring Equinox - fruity finish apples & pears 3/27
Day 3 Autum Equinox - spicy finish, like old spice 3/28
Day 4 Birthday Gal - vanilla, sugar, and light floral 3/29
Day 5 September - sweet finish with some floral and musk 3/30
Day 6 Summer Solstice - sweet floral finish 3/31
Day 7 Winter Solstice - patchouli, light sweet musk, maybe powdery
Day 8 October - wood, musk, maybe a little vanilla, earthy 4/2
Day 9 March - lily of the valley, grass, clean cotton 4/3
Day 10 June - light musk, powder, started a little light floral 4/4
Day 11 SandSurf - beach!! really light, clean, ocean 4/5
Day 12 February - clean crisp light with a flower I can't name, green,
wood, vanilla 4/6
Day 13 May - clean, green, light floral, peach 4/7
Day 14 August - fruity, grapefruit, lemon, not easily describeable 4/8
Day 15 April - lemon, sugar, moss, dirt, smoke 4/9
Day 16 July - floral, with some vanilla 4/10
Day 17 January - vanilla, wood, musk, earthy, a little dry fruit 4/11
Day 18 November - vanilla, light orange, caramel, sugar 4/12

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