Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Perfume project part 2 Wyldeivy

Here is my second attempt at critiqueing perfumes. A little more
descriptive. Scents I couldn't decide on I tried twice. I apologize
for the emoticons if they are screwed up.
In the end I ordered large perfumes of Island Beauty and Olive Leaf
and Lemon. With that order I also purchased a sampling of five other
scents and a freebie, I haven't tried the freebie yet, I'll add it to
the summer collection. The five other scents are the May dates. A
couple of them are the same as my original sampling just in a
different form.
Perfume project part 2 Wyldeivy
4/13 - Fairy Wings - candy, orange 
4/14 - Sun Tea - lemon, tea, sugar, vanilla  retry 2/29 changing
to  nice but not as great as I remember 
4/15 - Island Beauty - coconut, vanilla, like the islands  retry
4/27 still great 
4/16 - Bella Vanille - true creamy vanilla, a little cakey 
4/17 - Olive Leaf & Lemon - creamy, green, what I'd expect
Mediterranean islands to smell like  retry 4/26 still great 
4/18 - Sandcastles - lemon start, creamy vanilla, musk  retry 5/2
smelled pine, not a fav...can't decide on this one, the start was not
great, but by the end of the day I liked the finish 
4/19 - Amber Chai - mostly cinnamon, other spices, a little
sugar...could go old spice if not careful 
4/20 - Wylde Summer - coconut, island flowers, suntan lotion, vanilla,
closest to summer and beach yet  retry 4/28 still nice, but
liking island beauty better 
4/21 - Violet Sun - sweet floral start, lemon, light musk or vanilla
finish  passed along to Kelly
4/22 - Wylde Vanilla - patchouli, marzipan, vanilla, warm yummy, yet
hippy dippy  retry 5/2 still like this, warm fragrance...fall
4/23 - Lemon-tine - lemon, too much lemon. I usually like lemon, but
this one...yuck 
4/24 - Crush - vanilla sugar, nice 
5/14 - Azure - atomized with perfumers alcohol. Soap, water, vanilla
or coconut, and maybe a floral 
5/15 - Wylde Cocoa - vanilla, chocolate, yummy. Atomized. 
5/16 - Ember - cinnamon, vanilla, smoke. Atomized. Nice scent. 
5/17 - Dirty Chocolate - burnt chocolate, a little vanilla. Atomized.
Would wear again. 

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