Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perfume Project part 3 Sweetanthem

Perfume Project part 3 Sweetanthem

So SweetAnthem was, so far, the hardest to test out. The scents were
so much more complex for me and for some reason I would get, what I'll
call stuck at a note, usually a middle note.

Below are my thoughts.

In the end I purchased Caroline in a roll on and body lotion set.

I think I'm in over my head with these scents. Don't know if I can
rate them. Scents are strong and I seem to get overwhelmed by one note
and can't pick out the others. Tried a couple after shaking them a bit
and that seems to mix the scents, might retry the ones that I had
trouble with

4/30 - Evelyn - old school musk...that's all I'm getting here. Reminds
me of a perfume that was worn in jr high. 

5/3 - Anita - coffee, mint, chocolate, vanilla. Would wear again. 

5/3 night - Eleanor - sweet fruit, didn't get any of the other scents
in this one. The sweet fruit is strawberry, so it's not bad just not
for me  can smell the coconut on my clothes from last night

5/4 - Emily - sweet almond, powder, maybe coffee. Would wear again 

5/5 - Caroline - gave this one a shake to mix. Really subtle, can't
pick out any truly distinctive notes, but the scent is nice. Would
wear again. Fav so far! Smells like a grown up perfume. 

5/6 - Vicky - cinnamon, vanilla, sweet almond. Reaction on left elbow,
probably from the cinammon oil. Would wear again. 

5/7 - Nell - yuck!! Can't pick out a scent, just know that I don't
like it. 

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