Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Usual Scent

I know I keep saying this scent is or isn't what I usually go for, and since I've started testing out fragrance samples my tastes have expanded.
Mass market perfumes that I have purchased and liked are Burberry Brit and Aquolina Pink Sugar.
Since I have started testing and my tastes have changed slightly I've purchased these scents from Etsy sellers.
Pink Vanilla
Chocolate Forever
Lemon Lollipop
Ruby Birthstone
Green Clover and Aloe - this was my first expansion scent, I would say, this scent is a green scent
Caroline - this scent makes me feel all grown up. I found it sophisticated with a great blend that didn't overwhelm me.
And now this seems to be my obsession shop.
Olive Leaf and Lemon - this is what I think the Greek Isles would smell like.
Island Beauty - this is what I think Hawaii would smell like.

Last summer when I discovered lemonlollipop, I also tried some samples from Theme Fragrance, also an Etsy seller.

Some of this started because I really want a scent that smells like a day at the beach...suntan lotion, salt water, sand, and all that.

So, my usual scent has changed, slightly, but when I read a description and it says vanilla, I usually try it. I don't usually like florals, but can be swayed if it has vanilla, a soft musk, or even patchouli.

All the sellers I mentioned have scent descriptions at their Etsy shops...check them out!

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