Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wiggle - Tupelo

So I'm a fan of Van Morrison, so much so that I once purchased a lipstick called Tupelo Honey, because Van has a song of the same name...needless to say the color didn't work for me, but the song is great!

So of course when I purchased from Nani at Wiggle I had to get Tupelo, and I'm really glad I did.

Tupelo starts out as a honeyed musk, nice. Then moves on to something bitter that I'm not too fond of, and finally a musky vanilla, yum!

Liking this scent very much right now and it's really early in the day, so it'll only get better.

Here is the description from Etsy...I am a sucker for honey scents. I'm also a sucker for Van Morrison and hopeless romantics, and some combination of these factors led to the creation of this perfume. The base is a mix of warm honey and a sultry, spicy musk. Touches of almond and orange blossom flesh it out, along with tiny kicks of tomato leaf and spanish moss. Basically, it's a lady version of 27, but with a bit more citrus and a softness all its own.

I've used a nice dose of tangerine essential oil in this one, so do be careful in the sun at first. Citrus essential oils may cause some skin types to burn more easily. Ever the cautious one, I just make sure to put it in hidden, fun-to-find places. ;-)

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