Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wylde Ivy - Being Cleo

So I was totally expecting something bolder from this. Being Cleo is Ashlee's salute to Cleopatra, and my understanding of her is she was bold and ahead of her time. I guess Ashlee went for the softer side. With that said the fragrance is a nice fall scent.

I smell some citrus underneath a lightly spicy vanilla. So I wore this all day and I found it nice but not as fantastic as Not Falling or Kiss Me in the Park. I actually thought it was similar to them, but not as vibrant.

Here is the description from Ashlee...Told and untold stories of antiquity. A woman of grace, beauty, and power lazed in daily in baths of milk an honey. The beautiful soft scent of wholesome sweetness lingering on the skin mixed with warm amber and plucked jasmine.
Notes of oat milk, steeped vanilla, precious amber, jasmine petals, dry woods, and white musk.

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