Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wylde Ivy - Bonfire Tea

The newest addition to Ashlee's Monsters in Love collection is Bonfire Tea.

Bonfire Tea starts out smoky with a bitter tea undertone, then moves on to a cinnamon note with the tea still in the background.

So this one had to grow on me, by the end of the day I really liked it. It had to mellow out over the day. I'm a fan of tea scents, so, the smoke was cool, like campfire, but not too much.

Im going to be in trouble with this collection; when you see my next two reviews you'll understand why. Ashlee has knocked my socks off

Description from Wylde Ivy...She sits by the fire, a large dusty black cat with amber knowing eyes lounges contently on her lap. His tail swishes against black taffeta of her dress. The trees creak softly, stirred by a cold breeze. She raises her large cast iron cup to her nose, the purple tinged steam curls around her face as it playfully caresses her skin before vanishing into the night. She smiles slightly, playfully, as the fire gives off a sudden crack. It sends a burst of sparks into the air that dance and flicker and seem to linger an impossibly long time. It is beginning.

As she stands the cat gives an angered cry before disappearing out of the firelight. She straightens her skirt with a rustle over her white stripped leggings. Only the crooked pointy toes of her boots peek out from the long billowing fabric. She hears them rounding the walk by the gate and takes one last sip of her tea. The steam that escapes the cup is now green and sending off little sparks of it’s own into the night. She puts down the cup and picks up the old sack. She walks out into the garden, crunching over gravel paths to gate to greet the horde that have gathered there. The all come here for one thing and only on one night of the year. They stand massed before her. Their eager eyes waiting silently for the cue. She opens sack and bends slightly as she is overrun by miniature monsters, tiny vampires, little ghosts, and undersized goblins. It is over in seconds and the pack run off into the night. She smiles to herself again and the cat reappears at her feet. Witches do give out the very best Halloween candy.

A Halloween delight. As mysterious and captivating as the new moon rising in the star strewn sky. Black tea steeped by the fire. Of coarse no one knows what is in it. A bit a whimsy, a touch of magic, something sweet, and a bit of intrigue.
Notes of: Black tea leaves, cedar wood, dried amber, sweet Halloween licorice, bergamot, wood smoke, currents, and black heliotrope.

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